About Us

Misión Tiburón For the Guardians of the Sea



Mision Tiburon is composed by young professionals committed to marine life and shark conservation. The leaders of this organization, Ilena Zanella and Andres Lopez, are marine biologists who have worked for several years in educational projects and marine research, especially with sharks, rays and turtles. During these years, they have acquired the experience and the knowledge to lead new marine conservation projects.



Andres is marine biologist with a specialization on Marine and Freshwater Resources’ Management; for his Master’s thesis, he identified and characterized critical habitats used by scalloped hammerhead sharks in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica. During the last 10 years has been involved in different fisheries research projects. Andres is a professional with a strong commitment to marine conservation and focuses its work in research and protection of sharks.

Ilena is a marine biologist and Magister Scientiae in Wildlife Conservation and Management. She has worked in research, education and conservation of sharks with national organizations and with the National University of Costa Rica. She is very interested on sharks nursery areas, in fact in her thesis of master degree, she characterized the fisheries ecology of the scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini) in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, describing its distribution and alimentation in nursery area.


Promote the conservation and the responsible use of marine resources, especially of sharks, through the development of integrated projects of marine education and scientific research. In our effort, we hope to be firm and true to our ideals, always respecting the environmental and human welfare.


With its operations center in Guanacaste Province, in the North Pacific of Costa Rica, Mision Tiburon focuses its efforts on the following areas:

Marine Education

Sensitize the Costa Rican and the International society about the importance of sharks in our oceans, the threats that they are facing and their populations decline.

Marine Research

Conduct scientific research with sharks and others marine species to determine management strategies, in order to promote their conservation and responsible use.

Political and social advocacy

Use technical and scientific information as a tool for influencing civil society and public policy to promote the conservation of sharks and others marine species.