Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area Since the beginning, has Mision Tiburon encouraged a close relationship with the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area (ACMIC) to collaborate on education, research and training. As result of this alliance, in March 2010, Mision Tiburon, in order to formalize their relationship with ACMIC, signed a Cooperation Agreement with the National System of Conservation. ACMIC includes the Coco’s Island National Park (CINP), which is located 532 km southwest of Cabo Blanco, in the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. The CINP has a total area of 209 506 hectares (ha), of which 1.12% are terrestrial (2347 ha) and the remaining 98.88% comprise the Marine Protected Area (MPA), the largest of our country (207,159 ha). The CINP was declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1997. This nomination was justified on critical habitats for the marine life present in the area, particularly for pelagic species like sharks.