Misión Tiburón


Save the hammerhead shark is the component of education and awareness project “Conservation of Hammerhead in Costa Rica.” As part of this component conducted educational activities in adjacent coastal communities breeding areas of the hammerhead shark and participatory workshops are held with respective fisheries cooperatives and associations, to develop effective management actions to decrease the fishing mortality of the offspring hammerhead shark. also by involving the community the goal is to increase survival of juveniles and consequently improving future adult population reproductive.


Shark Route is an innovative project that seeks to educate elementary students about the importance of marine resources, especially of sharks. This project aims to create a new vision about sharks, and their role in the aquatic ecosystem, and specially let the children know that sharks are not fearful creatures; in fact they are vulnerable species that accomplish a vital role in the trophic chain of the oceans. Shark Route visits different educational centers located in coastal communities of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. During the events, we carry out interactive educational activities with the students in order to explain the basic aspects of sharks’ evolution, biology, ecology and their threats.